At Soundwave Artistry, I create dynamic, interactive and memorable creations with many affordable buying options.

Whether you're ordering a custom digital piece that you will print yourself, or a finished print in a frame, I want you to remember my work and coming back for more. 

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Soundwave Artistry was established by Amanda Ciccoritti in 2022 when she realized that there was a demand for compelling digital visual art based on meaningful music. 

She experimented when a friend asked her for Soundwave Art based on a Taylor Swift song, and the rest is history. 

Most people order by email with an inquiry about what I can create with someone's favourite song and if I can do it in time to give it as a gift! 99% of the time the answer is yes, so email me right away so I can get started!

This is an international adventure for me. Not in Canada? No problem. I will digital send you the finished piece and guide you on getting it printed and framed.

I have sent pieces to England, New Zealand, United States, Australia, and more.

Browse the Gallery below or follow me on Instagram to see what I've created.

Can't wait to create a jaw dropped gift for you to give to someone you care about.